Flint is a basic resource used mostly during the early-game of Valheim. Flint is always found in and around water in the Meadows. You will want to collect lots of flint to upgrade your tools and arrows during the beginning of the game.

Can be TeleportedYes
Used InFlint Axe,
Flint Knife,
Flint Spear,
Flinthead Arrow,
StructuresChopping Block,
Tanning Rack

To collect flint, head down to an area with lots of shallow water that you don’t have to swim through. The small oblong rocks that you find are all flint. You will find flint on the shore as well as in shallow water.

The best place to farm flint will be marshy with lots of shallow pools of water where the flint can spawn.

You won’t need much flint past Eikthyr unless you want to make tons of flinthead arrows, which are superior to wood arrows.

Updated on March 17, 2021

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