Flint Spear

The Flint Spear is one of the first weapons you can craft in Valheim and is the first spear you can craft in the game. Flint spears were the most prevalent weapons of ancient history and they retain that effectiveness throughout the Stone Age in Valheim.

All spears can be thrown as their special attack, dealing bonus damage and often staggering the target. You might want to craft a couple of spears to unleash massive damage by throwing multiple spears at your enemies.

Thrown spears will kill a deer in one hit, even 1-star, and 2-star variants.

IconCrafting StationRecipe
Workbench10 Flint,
2 Leather Scraps,
5 Wood

Flint Spear Statblock

DamagePierce: 20
Block Power10
Parry Force0
Parry Bonus2x
Movement Speed-5%

Flint Spear Upgrade Table

DamagePierce: 20Pierce: 26Pierce: 32Pierce: 38
Parry Force0000
Recipe10 Flint,
2 Leather Scraps,
5 Wood
5 Flint,
1 Leather Scraps,
3 Wood
10 Flint,
2 Leather Scraps,
6 Wood
15 Flint,
3 Leather Scraps,
9 Wood
Station Level1234
Updated on March 17, 2021

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