Flax is a late-game crop that is found in the Plains of Valheim. Flax is refined at a Spinning Wheel into Linen Thread. Linen thread is the essential ingredient in end-game recipes such as Padded Armor.

You will need a pretty decent supply of flax to make all the thread you will need for crafting. To ensure you have enough, start farming flax as soon as you can defend a farm in the Plains.

IconFlax icon.
Can be TeleportedYes
Grow Time~2.5 days
Used InLinen Thread

You collect your seed crop of flax by raiding Fuling Camps. The Fulings grow both barley and flax in small farms within their camps. They grow more barley than flax. Overall, flax is rarer than Barley and also yields less when harvested.

Updated on October 18, 2021

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