Fishing in Valheim is simple and gives you access to great food. Cooked Fish is a great food that can only be gathered by fishing or collecting fish that washed up onto the shore after a storm.

To begin fishing, you will need a fishing pole and bait which can be purchased from the Trader. A fishing pole will cost you 350 coins but the bait is cheap (10 coins for a stack of 50). Then, you head down to the water or out into the ocean.

You must be able to see fish in Valheim to catch them. So, don’t even try fishing if there are none visible in the water. Once you’ve found a spot with fish, you can finally start fishing.

Types of Fish

  • Small Fish (drops 1 fish)
  • Medium Fish (drops 2 fish)
  • Large Fish (drops 4 fish)

How to Fish

There are only three steps to fishing. You want to cast your line close to you and a group of fish. Then, wait for a fish to nibble at your bobber (floating at the end of the line) and hook it by reeling in with Mouse-2. Once the fish is on the line, just keep reeling it in and you will automatically collect it.


  • Mouse-1: Cast fishing line (charges up for more distance)
  • Mouse-2: Reel in the line (hold down to continue reeling in)


  1. Cast fishing line nearby fish
  2. Hook a fish that nibbles (Mouse-2)
  3. Reel in the line with your fish
  4. Grab the fish from the line (optional)


Updated on March 15, 2021

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