Finewood Bow

Finewood Bows are the first major upgrade in the bows family of weapons. You will want to craft a finewood bow early. Depending on how quickly you progress through the game, you may use this weapon for a long time, so it’s worth upgrading.

You will need to defeat Eikthyr and make a Bronze Axe before you can fell the Birch Trees needed to get Fine Wood. However, since the finewood bow doesn’t require metal or a forge, it can actually be crafted before reaching the Bronze Age by using Troll Labor to access rare woods.

IconCrafting StationRecipe
Workbench10 Core Wood,
2 Deer Hide,
10 Fine Wood

Finewood Bow Statblock

DamagePierce: 32
Block Power5
Parry Force0
Parry Bonus1.5x
Movement Speed-5%

Finewood Bow Upgrade Table

DamagePierce: 32Pierce: 35Pierce: 38Pierce: 41
Recipe10 Core Wood,
2 Deer Hide,
10 Fine Wood
5 Core Wood,
2 Deer Hide,
5 Fine Wood
10 Core Wood,
4 Deer Hide,
10 Fine Wood
15 Core Wood,
6 Deer Hide,
15 Fine Wood
Station Level1234

A finewood bow upgraded to the maximum level deals 1 less damage than the base Huntsman Bow.

Updated on March 16, 2021

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