Farming is much more than a humble downtime activity in Valheim. It unlocks a huge variety of different foods and potions. You should build a farm early and start cultivating yummy vegetables that will feed your adventuring habit. Honey is also a must. One cannot be a Viking without mead.

We recommend replanting trees around your base otherwise you might end up deforesting the entire area. You will get plenty of seeds, so just make sure you don’t plant them too close together and your orchard will be full in no time.

Once you reach the swamp, make sure to grab some turnip seeds and start building up a large supply of tasty root vegetables. Turnips can be cooked into a fantastic stew.

Table of Farmables

IconItem NameTypeComes FromBiomeUsed In
HoneyMeadBeehiveAnyEvery mead,
Serpent Stew
(in Fuling Camps)
PlainsBarley Flour,
Fire Resistance Barley Wine
CarrotFoodCarrot SeedMeadows,
Black Forest,
Carrot Soup
Carrot SeedsFoodSeed Carrot
(in Black Forest)
Black Forest,
Planting Carrots
TurnipFoodTurnip SeedMeadows,
Black Forest,
Turnip Stew
Turnip SeedsFoodSeed Turnip
(in Swamp)
Black Forest,
Planting Turnips
(in Fuling Camps)
PlainsLinen Thread
Beech SeedsWoodBeech TreeMeadows,
Planting Beech Trees
Birch SeedsWoodBirch TreeMeadows,
Black Forest,
Planting Birch Trees
AcornsWoodOak TreeMeadows,
Black Forest,
Planting Oak Trees
Fir ConeWoodFir TreeMeadows,
Black Forest,
Planting Fir Trees
Pine ConeWoodPine TreeMeadows,
Black Forest,
Planting Pine Cones

How to Farm

Farming is unlocked with a Cultivator. It requires Bronze to craft and you will need some seeds to get started. Once you have these materials, set out some space for your farm and cultivate the land.

You will want to replant crops as seed crops to replenish your supply of seeds. Carrots and Turnips can be planted as Seed Carrots or Seed Turnips which will yield 3 seeds.

Replant 1/3 of your harvest as seeds to maintain your total crop supply and replant more than 1/3 to increase your supply.

Make sure you protect your farms. Monsters are obsessed with carrots for some reason and will invade your farms and destroy everything — a single greydwarf can ruin your whole harvest.

Here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Prepare the area
  2. Build a workbench and enclosure
  3. Cultivate the soil
  4. Enclose the farm in fences or stakewalls
  5. Plant everything

And a quick video of me making a new farm:

How to Raise Bees

Bees can be a little tough to come by but they’re fabulous. These little critters will help you make the core ingredient in every Viking’s favorite beverage — mead.

You will need to find some Queen Bees by searching abandoned structures in the Meadows of Black Forest (needs confirmation). Once you have some, you can construct beehives. We always place our beehives on something elevated like a fence or wood pole 1m, but that’s not a requirement.

Make sure the bees aren’t too close or they will be unhappy. You can always check on your bees by pressing E on their hive. Once they’re placed, you just have to wait for them to make honey.

Beehives can hold 4 honey. Beehives produce 1 honey every 20 minutes.

Updated on November 1, 2021

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