Draugr are the undead of Valheim. They are hulking corpses wielding axes, bows, and other weaponry. You’ll encounter them after you start adventuring further from the starting altar in Swamps, Draugr Villages, and Sunken Crypts.

Draugr deal a decent amount of damage even if you’re wearing a full set of Bronze Armor. So, you’ll want to avoid tanking too many hits, especially if there are archers around. A small band of adventurers should have no trouble fighting even groups Draugr.

The most important item you get from Draugr are their Entrails. These are used to make Sausages, a fantastic food item that is fairly easy to make.

LocationDraugr Village,
Sunken Crypt,

Draugr Variants

The warrior and archer variants will simply be called “Draugr,” but they have entirely different weaponry and attacks.

Draugr Strategy


  • Draugr Warriors have a generic basic attack.
  • Draugr Archers have a generic ranged attack with their bow.
  • Draugr Elites have a hard-hitting basic attack.


If you’re facing Draugr alone, you just need to make sure they don’t surround you or sneak up on you. Two Draugr archers can quickly dispatch you if you aren’t paying attention. During the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age, you’ll be more than ready to take on Draugr by yourself.

Note: Draugr are extra dangerous in Sunken Crypts because you will be low on stamina and there’s little room to maneuver. Proceed with caution.

Draugr archers are more dangerous than the warriors since you can’t kite them as easily but you should have experience with skeletons by the time you encounter Draugr. The one you really have to worry about is the Draugr Elite.

Draugr Elites have a high-damage melee attack and could easily down someone in just a few hits. If you’re going to engage with melee, you can parry his attacks with a decent shield or dodge them.

Updated on March 14, 2021

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