Draugr Village

Draugr Villages spawn in distant meadows, far from the starting altar. They are more developed than the average abandoned village, sometimes even with basic fortifications.

Draugr Villages are full of loot and guarded by Draugr. You’ll often find several Body Piles within the structures that will need to be destroyed before they spawn too many Draugr.

When you first come across a Draugr village, you should ensure you have lots of armor and food. Draugr Elites deal lots of damage and the archer variants of Draugr can ambush you.

Draugr Elite,
Body Pile

Draugr Village Tips

Draugr Elites are taller than the average Draugr and can’t fit through simple doors. Usually, this means they’re stuck in whichever structure they spawn in. You can kill them at range with your Bow, but if there’s a Body Pile focus on that first.

There are often several Body Piles in a Draugr village which will, just like all spawners, continuously spawn Draugr variants until destroyed. Body Piles won’t start spawning until you’re nearby though. So, don’t rush yourself.

Draugr villages only get dangerous when you get surrounded. Also, Draugr archers are more dangerous than skeleton archers, and a volley from several of them will kill you if you’re not prepared.

Your best bet is going to be to kill all the Draugr roaming around the village and then clear one building at a time. It’s important that you kill the roamers first because they can wander quite far and may sneak up on you when they return to the village.

Updated on March 14, 2021

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