Drakes are hostile flying monsters you encounter in the Mountains of Valheim. They use a 3-shot burst of icy missiles that inflict frost damage and can cause momentary freezing. You will often encounter several drakes at a time because they spawn frequently.

Drakes are friendly with Wolves and will not attack them.

They are, however, stuck in an endless war with the Stone Golems over supremacy over the mountains. If you find a mountainside stripped bare with destroyed trees, wood, and resin lying everywhere, that’s the aftermath of a battle between drakes and a stone golem.

DropsFreeze Gland,


Fighting drakes is all about archery. You might be able to use an abyssal harpoon to drag them out of the sky, but Bows are the weapon of choice. With a decent set of armor, you’ll be able to tank their attacks and drakes aren’t too dangerous unless paired with wolves. The aerial support makes wolves much more lethal.


Drakes will stop in the air, spread their wings, and spit 3 freezing missiles directly at you. The missiles are quick and tough to dodge but don’t deal very much damage. If you have a shield, blocking their attacks is trivial. Otherwise, it’s easiest to use a tree, stone, or another piece of cover to avoid their attacks.

Updated on March 15, 2021

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