Deer are fearful creatures found in the Meadows and Black Forests of Valheim. They flee when they notice you and will not stop running until they can’t see you anymore. It can be pretty tough to hunt your first couple deer, but eventually you’ll become a master.

Black Forest
DropsDeer Hide,

Hunting Deer

Use a Bow to hunt deer. It’s possible with spears as well, but more difficult.

Once you’ve spotted a group of deer, you should immediately crouch and begin sneaking (press CTRL). While sneaking, you will move slower and consume stamina but in return, you won’t frighten the deer.

Get close enough that you are confident you can make the shot and then regain your stamina. Take aim and shoot the deer. Try to knock and draw another arrow to drop another deer before the rest escape.

Updated on March 9, 2021

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