Deathsquitos will give you a warm welcome to the Plains biome in Valheim. It only takes once to understand where the deathsquito gets its name.

These murderous little insects deal massive damage, are hard to hit, and seem to come out of nowhere. They’re the perfect killer package. You should always roam the Plains with your Bow equipped and be ready to shoot down deathsquitos.

Deathsquitos have 50 HP and will die in one hit to most weapons that you’ll have by the time you arrive at the Plains.


Deathsquito Strategy

Deathsquito Behavior

Deathsquitos are simple creatures that have three behavior states:

  • Idly flying around; pausing briefly
  • Beeline attack
  • Evasive maneuvers

The deathsquito is vulnerable when attacking as it will make a beeline straight for you. It’s easiest to kill them right before they make contact. You can block their attacks and you can dodge them — but they’re more difficult to dodge than other monsters.

After an attack, the deathsquito will perform evasive maneuvers, flying in a circle around its target. It doesn’t do this for too long before making another approach to attack. Unless you’re a good shot, it’s best to save an arrow for the deathsquito’s beeline attack.

Updated on March 9, 2021

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