Core Wood

Core Wood is an uncommon type of wood found in Valheim. It’s used primarily for burning to make charcoal but also for some crafting. While core wood is more difficult to gather than regular wood, it’s far less useful.

You can collect core wood even without a Bronze Axe, even though it’s an uncommon wood. This means only Fine Wood trees are too hard to chop down at the beginning of the game. Although, it will be difficult for new players to survive the Black Forest and chop down Pine Trees.

Dropped ByPine Tree
Can be TeleportedYes
RequiresStone Axe
Used In (crafting)Bronze Pickaxe,
Finewood Bow,
Iron Pickaxe,
Used In (building)Bonfire,
Log Beam 2m,
Log Beam 4m,
Log Pole 2m,
Log Pole 4m,
Sharp Stakes

Updated on October 22, 2021

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