Copper is one of the first metals you’ll gather in Valheim. Copper deposits look like boulders and are found in the hills of the Black Forest.

You can tell the difference between a copper deposit and a boulder because copper deposits have a slight golden twinkle, but the more reliable method is to just read the label 🙂.

Can be TeleportedNo
RequiresAntler Pickaxe
Used InBronze,
Copper Knife,
Forge Cooler,

Copper deposits are massive and mostly underground. Make sure you unearth the entire deposit before moving on. It will take a lot of effort to mine an entire deposit. We recommend building a mining outpost to store your materials and repair your equipment.

Tips for Mining Copper

Solo players should bring extra materials to place standing torches around their dig site that will keep the Greydwarfs at bay.

Pro Tip: Mining from above deals more damage and destroys nodes faster. See the video on the Pickaxes page.

If you noticed floating bits of the copper node and wondered if there was a way to shatter the entire node, there is. See the page on Mining Physics.

Updated on October 25, 2021

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