Cooked Serpent Meat


Cooked Serpent Meat is fantastic food. It can be tough to get a regular supply but is awesome for boss fights and other challenging situations. If you want to try and hunt some Sea Serpents, we recommend you bring a friend, lots of good arrows, and a backup bow.

Sea serpents will always drop somewhere between 5 – 10 serpent meat and since the duration is so long, you will only need to kill a few serpents to have hours of satiety.

Serpent Meat is huge, by the way — one meat weighs 10! Check out those suckers on the cooking station, I surprised we can even carry them around.

You should almost never be eating Cooked Serpent Meat because Serpent Stew is easy to make and the best food item in Valheim.

Healing (per tick)3
Can be TeleportedYes
Crafting Recipe1 Serpent Meat
Crafting StationCooking Station
Crafting Time60s


IconFood ItemRecipeMade in
Serpent stew1 Mushroom,
1 Cooked Serpent Meat,
2 Honey

Updated on March 11, 2021

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