Clubs are the simplest type of weapon in Valheim. They can be crafted early, have great high-tier versions, and deal Blunt damage. You can build a club almost immediately — in fact, the torch is actually a club. For many people, the (Wood) Club will be their first weapon in the game.

If you decide to pursue clubs further, you will be using maces, sledges, and hammers. Blunt damage is a weakness of Skeletons and your party will be happy to have you bashing through them throughout the Bronze and Iron Age.

Type of DamageBlunt

Attacking with Clubs

Basic Attack Combo

Clubs have a 3-attack combo:

Special Attack

One-handed and two-handed clubs both have a unique special attack:

  • 1H Club: Power Attack that deals bonus damage.
  • 2H Club: Ground Slam with AEO damage.

The Power Attack is slower than a normal attack but deals bonus damage. Combine this with the backstab multiplier and you can one-shot weaker monsters.

2H Clubs don’t have a secondary attack which means every attack is a Ground Slam. It deals lots of damage in a circular AOE where the weapon hits the ground.

Table of Clubs

IconItem NameDamageType of DamageBackstab MultiplierKnockback
Torch19Blunt: 4,
Fire: 15
Stagbreaker (2H)25Blunt2x50
Bronze Mace35Blunt3x80
Iron Mace55Blunt3x90
Iron Sledge (2H)55Blunt: 20,
Pierce: 5
Frostner95Blunt: 35,
Frost: 40,
Spirit: 20
Porcupine95Blunt: 50,
Pierce: 45

Clubs Skill

Clubs is a skill in Valheim which improves your character’s effectiveness when using weapons in the club family. Improving the clubs skill will make you deal more damage with clubs. Click to learn more about Skills.

Updated on March 13, 2021

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