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Cheats and Console Commands

Cheats and Console Commands let you fly, enter god mode, and spawn any creature or item in Valheim. This page has a full list of console commands and a table of items with both their in-game name and spawn ID.

This page includes all console commands and their description. We’ve organized the commands into relevant categories and embedded our spreadsheet with the details on all entities in Valheim.

How to Activate Cheats and Use Them

To activate cheats in Valheim, you will need to open the console and enable cheats. Afterward, you can use any of the below commands to spawn items or trigger other actions. The console can be used to perform administrative tasks for server admins and other non-cheating purposes as well.

Enabling the Console:

  1. Right-click on Valheim in Steam
  2. Add “-console” to the Launch Options
  3. Restart Valheim

Activate Cheats:

  1. Press F5 to open the Console
  2. Type “devcommands” (“imacheater” outdated)
  3. Type the command

Commands must be entered exactly as specified and all names and commands are cAsE-SeNSiTivE. You will also find the Internal IDs for many creatures and items don’t match their in-game names. We included the in-game name in our spreadsheet below to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

How to Enter Debug/Creative Mode?

Valheim has a creative mode in the works but it’s not in the game yet. Players looking for something similar to Minecraft Creative Mode will need to use a few console commands to give themselves flying, god mode, and infinite inventory.

Spawning items will require the spawn command until there is a creative mode UI or mods that fill the need. We’ll update this section as new mods are released.

Activate Creative Mode:

  1. Press F5 to open the Console
  2. Type “devcommands
  3. Type “debugmode
    1. Press Z to toggle Flying Mode
    2. Press K to Kill all Enemies in the area
    3. Press B to toggle Build Mode (repair and build freely)

Cheats do not work in Multiplayer servers.

How to Spawn Items and Creatures?

In Valheim there is one command that spawns all items, creatures, and anything else. You must provide the name of the entity, and have the option to provide a quantity and level (if spawning creatures).

Here is the formula for spawning anything in Valheim:

Console Command to Spawn Items and Creatures

# Console Command
spawn <ItemName> <quantity> <level>

# Examples
spawn FineWood 50
spawn BeltStrength
spawn Greydwarf 10 2

Table of All Items and Creatures in Valheim

We have put together a table of every entity that can be spawned in Valheim. To try and make it a little easier, we included the in-game names of everything (in English), a status for items that are special content or still being developed, and some relevant notes.

Scroll all the way to the right to find a link to the knowledge base page for each item.

Warning: Spawning entities with a console command is inherently risky! Some entities cannot be destroyed or despawned. Some items are under development and will break your game if you try to use them. Proceed with caution.

Table of All Player-Oriented Console Commands

These console commands will modify the player’s character or how the player interacts with the game. Here’s where you will find commands like god mode, healing, and teleporting

Console CommandDescription
godTake no damage
ghostInvisible to monsters
addstatus Adds a status effect (ex rested, burning, wet, etc.)
clearstatusClear status modifiers
healHeal to full health
pukeReset hunger, health, and stamina
posPrints current position
goto <x, y> or <x, y, z>Teleport to the position given
challengeEmote challenge
cheerEmote cheer
nononoEmote nonono
pointEmote point
thumbsupEmote thumbs up
waveEmote wave
sitMakes your character sit
hair <0 / 1> Removes hair permanently
beard <0 / 1> Removes beard permanently
model <0 / 1>Change between character body types
resetcharacterReset all character data
raiseskill <skill> <amount>Raise skill level by the amount given
resetskill <skill>Reset skill level to zero

Table of All Server Console Commands

Server administrators have a select few commands they can use to figure out information about the server and the most basic player moderation commands.

helpList all commands
pingPing the server and print results
infoPrint system information
kick <name / ip / id>Kick the given player
ban <name / ip / id>Ban the given player
unban <ip / id>Unban the given player (cannot use name)
bannedPrint the banned player list
lodbias <1 5>Set the draw distance for the server
saveForce save the server

By default, only the creator of the server is an admin. You will need to modify the adminlist.txt in your server directory to add more administrators to a dedicated server. Note: the adminlist is only loaded on server startup and you will need to restart the server for your changes to take effect.

Table of All Console Commands

Below is the full list of console commands that impact gameplay in Valheim. You can control the dynamic elements of your world, such as wind and time. You can also modify your character, fly, enter god mode, and pretty much anything else you could want.

Console CommandDescription
devcommandsEnable cheats
addstatusAdds a status effect (ex rested, burning, wet, etc.)
beard <0 / 1> Removes beard permanently
bind <keycode> <command>Bind a key to a console command (may cause conflicts with game controls)
challengeEmote challenge
cheerEmote cheer
clearClear console window
clearstatusClear status modifiers
debugmodeToggle debug mode.
Z = Flying Mode,
K = Kill all enemies (killall),
B = Build Mode
dpsdebugToggle DPS information overlay
env <env id>Set the debug environment
event <name> Start the given event
exploremapExplore the entire map, removing fog
ffsmooth <0 / 1> Set camera smoothing for free-flying camera
flyFly mode
fovChanges camera field of view
freeflyToggle free-flying camera
gcShows garbage collector information
genlocregenerates all locations
ghostInvisible to monsters
godTake no damage
goto <x, z> or <x, y, z> Teleport to the position given
hair <0 / 1>Removes hair permanently
healHeal to full health
helpShow list of console commands (use “page up” and “page down” to navigate)
infoPrint system info
kick <name / ip / id> Kick the given player
killallKill all nearby enemies
listkeysLists all global keys
locationSet a new spawn location
lodbias <1 – 5>Set the draw distance for the server
model <0 / 1> Change between character body types
nocostNo build cost
nononoEmote nonono
optterrainOptimize old terrain modifications
pingPing server
players <number>Set player difficulty scaling to use a given number
pointEmote point
posPrint current position
printbindsPrint current binds
pukeReset hunger, health, and stamina
raiseskill <skill><amount>Raise skill level by the amount given
randomeventStart a random event
removedropsRemove all nearby dropped items
resetbindsResets all custom binds to default dev commands
resetcharacterReset all character data
resetenvReset the debug environment
resetkeys <id> Resets a given key
resetmapReset map exploration, completely fogs
resetskill <skill> Reset skill level to zero
resetspawnResets spawn location
resetwindReset wind to normal
respawnRespawn character (doesn’t seem to do much)
s <text>Chat a message in all caps and with yellow highlight (shouting)
saveForce save the server
say <text>Chat a message
setkey <id> Sets a new global key
setpower <power code>Sets your current guardian power and resets cooldown
GP_Eikthyr: Gives you Eikthyr’s power
GP_TheElder: Gives you the Elder’s power
GP_Bonemass: Gives you Bonemass’s power
GP_Moder: Gives you Moder’s power
GP_Yagluth: Gives you Yagluth’s power
sitMakes your character sit
skiptime <seconds> Skip forward given number of seconds
sleepSkip forward one day
spawn <entity> <quantity> <level>Spawn the given entity
stopeventStop the current event
tameTame all nearby tamable creatures
thumbsupEmote thumbs up
timeShows current time
tod <0.0 – 1.0> 0.0 = midnight,
0.5 = noon,
1.0 = midnight
tod -1 Reset time to normal
tutorialresetReset tutorial data
tutorialtoggleToggles tutorial hints
unban <ip / id> Unban the given player (cannot use name)
unbind <keycode>Clears all binds connected to keycode
w <playername>Whisper a private message to a player
waveEmote wave
wind <angle 0 – 360> <intensity 0.0 – 1.0>Set the wind with a given angle and intensity.
0 = north,
180 = south
Updated on October 28, 2021

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  1. Isn’t working 🙁 I’m in console mode I type imacheater . No message, I type help. I get the commands. I tried both with quotation marks and without. I’m typing in the console message bar.

    1. Currently, there isn’t a way to get infinite stamina. You can either use the dev/debug mode or spawn Lox Meat Pie, Fish Wraps, and Serpent Stew.

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