The Cauldron is the most important cooking station in Valheim. All the best foods in the game are cooked at a cauldron. You also prepare all meads at a cauldron before fermenting them.

At some point during the middle of the game, you will graduate from cooking stations and do almost all of your meal prep at the cauldron.

Crafting Recipe10 Tin
Crafting RequirementsWorkbench,
Heat Source
Crafted WithHammer
Used ForCooking,
Mead Bases

You can craft a cauldron after acquiring Tin bars and crafting a Forge. Although you don’t need the forge to place a cauldron, it is required to unlock the recipe because a cauldron requires metalworking.

To place a cauldron you just need a hammer, a nearby workbench, and a heat source below the cauldron, such as a campfire or hearth.

Upgrading the Cauldron

Spice Rack

The Spice Rack will typically be the first upgrade for the cauldron because many of the items in its recipe are acquired early on in the game; the hardest item to acquire being turnips whos seeds can be found in the swamp. There must be a workbench nearby if you are to build a spice rack.

Crafting Recipe3 Dandelions
2 Carrots
5 Mushrooms
3 Thistles
3 Turnips

Butcher’s Table

The Butcher’s table is typically the second upgrade for the cauldron because the recipe requires silver which is found in the mountains. There must be a workbench nearby if you are to build a butcher’s table.

Crafting Recipe2 Ancient Bark
4 Core Wood
4 Fine Wood
2 Silver

Pots and Pans

The pots and pans are typically the last upgrade for the cauldron because the recipe requires black metal which is obtained by killing fulings in the plains. There must be a workbench nearby if you are to build the pots and pans upgrade.

Crafting Recipe5 Iron
5 Copper
5 Black Metal
10 Fine Wood

Level Unlocks

LevelFood Items Unlocked at this Level
Level 1 (Base Level)Queens Jam x4
Minced Meat Sauce
Deer Stew
Carrot Soup
Boar Jerky x2
Black Soup
All Mead Bases
Barley Wine Base: Fire Resistance
Level 2Muckshake
Sausages x4
Turnip Stew
Serpent Stew
Level 3Eyescream
Wolf Jerky
Wolf Skewer
Level 4Uncooked Lox Pie
Bread Dough
Fish Wraps
Blood Pudding
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