Burial Chambers

Burial Chambers are often guarded by several skeletons and full of loot. You’ll need to conquer a few burial chambers to progress past the beginning of the game. After you’ve made some leather armor and have a decent weapon, you should be ready to take on burial chambers.

Black Forest
Rancid Remains,
Evil Bone Pile
Surtling Core,
Bone Fragments
Rune StonesElder Location

Burial Chambers Tips

Inside the dungeon, there will be several branching paths. The interior is usually full of skeletons and there’s a chance you’ll encounter more dangerous monsters. You can use the doors to fight the inhabitants at your own pace because the monsters are not able to open doors.

Since the corridors are so tight, it will be difficult for any party members to help you fight the monsters. You can lead them to a junction or the entryway to give yourself more space to engage the enemies. Be extra careful not to accidentally box-in your friends and don’t follow too closely behind them.

Burial chambers are only really dangerous when facing lots of monsters simultaneously. For this reason, you have to focus-fire Evil Bone Piles which will continuously spawn skeletons until destroyed. You will lose a battle of attrition, so destroy spawners ASAP.

Updated on March 13, 2021

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