Bronze is the most useful metal in the early-game. Bronze is forged with Tin and Copper and used to create armor, weapons, and structures.

To collect tin, you will need to venture into the Black Forest with an Antler Pickaxe and mine the deposits found near water. To mine copper, you will need to find the large copper deposits up in the hills of the Black Forest.

After smelting the tin and copper, you can forge bronze (at the forge).

Once you have forged your first piece, you have entered the Bronze Age, unlocking every weapon-type in Valheim and the first tier of metal armor. You will probably need to gather lots more copper and tin to get every bronze item you desire.

Can be TeleportedNo
Crafting StationForge
Crafting Recipe2 Copper,
1 Tin
Used In (items)Bronze,
Bronze Armor,
Bronze Atgeir,
Bronze Axe,
Bronze Buckler,
Bronze Mace,
Bronze Nails,
Bronze Pickaxe,
Bronze Spear,
Bronze Sword,
Bronzehead Arrow,
Used In (buildings)Adze,
Hanging Brazier

Bronze cannot be teleported, the same as all other metals. This is a design decision that forces players to build outposts and sail around the map instead of just using Portals.

Updated on October 25, 2021

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