Bronze Atgeir

The Bronze Atgeir is the first polearm that you can craft in Valheim. Atgeirs have long-range, a powerful special attack, and high damage. These qualities are offset by weak blocking stats and being two-handed.

You can swap to polearms as soon as you enter the Bronze Age without being less effective due to a level 0 Polearms skill because the base damage of polearms is quite high. Atgeirs also deal pierce damage which is good at piercing the thick hides of Trolls.

IconCrafting StationRecipe
Forge8 Bronze,
2 Leather Scraps,
10 Wood

Bronze Atgeir Statblock

DamagePierce: 45
Block Power10
Parry Force40
Parry Bonus3x
Movement Speed-5%

Bronze Atgeir Upgrade Table

DamagePierce: 45Pierce: 51Pierce: 57Pierce: 63
Parry Force40455055
Recipe8 Bronze,
2 Leather Scraps,
10 Wood
4 Bronze8 Bronze12 Bronze
Station Level1234
Updated on March 17, 2021

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