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Blackmetal Tower Shield

The Blackmetal Tower Shield is the most powerful shield in Valheim. It will soak up incredible damage and turn you into a walking fortress.

This shield maxes out at a whopping 116 block power, capable of blunting even massive attacks. You cannot parry with this tower shield.

Unfortunately, when compared to the Blackmetal Shield, it’s hard to justify sacrificing movespeed and the ability to parry for only 15 extra block power. If tower shields are your thing, don’t let me discourage you. However, we believe that tower shields need a buff to better compensate for their downsides.

IconCrafting StationRecipe
Forge10 Black Metal,
7 Chain,
15 Fine Wood

Blackmetal Tower Shield Statblock

Movement Speed-20%

Blackmetal Tower Shield Upgrade Table

For more info on how blocking works, check out the Blocking page.

Block Armor104110116
Block Force (Knockback)150155160
Recipe10 Black Metal,
7 Chain,
15 Fine Wood
6 Black Metal,
2 Chain,
15 Fine Wood
8 Black Metal,
4 Chain,
20 Fine Wood
Crafting Station Level345
Repair Station Level333

Blackmetal Tower Shield Styles

Updated on October 22, 2021

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