Blackmetal Sword

The Blackmetal Sword deals the most base damage of any Sword in Valheim. With this blade, you will cut down any monster with ease.

Refining the Black Metal that you need is more difficult than collecting it.

You will need to defeat Moder and build a Blast Furnace to turn the scrap you looted off Fuling corpses into useable metal. You also will need to start a flax farm and spin it into Linen Thread with a Spinning Wheel.

All of these resources can be gathered easily enough for a player with Wolf Armor and a Silver Sword. So, you could have a stockpile ready to go before fighting Moder. If this is the case, you should avoid pouring tons of resources into upgrading your silver sword because you will be able to craft the blackmetal sword very quickly.

IconCrafting StationRecipe
Forge20 Black Metal,
2 Fine Wood,
5 Linen Thread

Blackmetal Sword Statblock

Block Armor39
Parry Bonus2x
Stamina14 (Primary Attack)
28 (Secondary Attack)
Movement Speed-5%
Attack Speed2.46 s (Primary Attack)
1.84 s (Secondary Attack)

Blackmetal Sword Upgrade Table

DamageSlash: 95Slash: 101Slash: 107Slash: 113
Block Force (Blocking Knockback)20253035
Recipe20 Black Metal,
2 Fine Wood,
5 Linen Thread
10 Black Metal,
5 Linen Thread
20 Black Metal,
10 Linen Thread
30 Black Metal,
15 Linen Thread
Crafting Station Level4567
Repair Station Level4444
Updated on October 22, 2021

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