Black Metal

Black Metal is currently the most advanced material in Valheim. It comes after Silver and you get it by killing Fulings in the Plains. You will need to defeat Moder and build a Blast Furnace before you can refine black metal.

The equipment crafted with black metal requires very little and it’s very easy to collect once you are able to kill fulings. This makes the progression from silver to black metal surprisingly quick and it’s even quicker if you have a base near the plains.

There is no armor currently crafted with black metal. The tier above silver is Padded Armor.

Ore Icon
Can be TeleportedNo
RequiresBlast Furnace
Used In (items)Blackmetal Atgeir,
Blackmetal Axe,
Blackmetal Knife,
Blackmetal Sword,
Blackmetal Shield,
Blackmetal Tower Shield
Updated on October 20, 2021

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