Black Forest

The Black Forest is the first dangerous biome you will encounter in Valheim. It has valuable resources that you will need throughout the game. After you’ve defeated Eikthyr, everything you’ll need to make Bronze can be found in the Black Forest.

Dangerous variants of Greydwarf will begin spawning at night and the Black Forest can get pretty dangerous for early-game adventurers. You can also encounter Trolls roaming in the Black Forest and not only near their caves. Every member of the Grey Clan calls the Black Forest home.

Greydwarf Brute,
Greydwarf Shaman,
Greydwarf Nest,
BossThe Elder

Carrot Seeds,
Points of InterestViking Burial Site,
Skeleton Tower
LocationsBurial Chambers,
Troll Cave

Gathering Resources

The Black Forest is your gateway to the Bronze Age. Bronze is an alloy that is created from a 2:1 ratio of Copper and Tin. Both of these metals can only be found in the Black Forest, but they’re found in entirely different places.


Copper can be found in huge deposits partially lodged into the earth. They look exactly like large stone deposits but are labeled Copper Deposit when you are close enough. Copper deposits are mined one piece at a time and a significant portion of the copper deposit is underground. Don’t forget to clear away the earth and get all the ore!


Tin is found near water in small deposits that look like regular rocks but shinier and without moss. You can find the deposits near the ocean shore, waterways, and wetlands. The best place to find Tin is in the wetland areas covered in puddles and small pools of water. Tin deposits are small, are mined entirely once they break, and will never go underground like Copper deposits.


Thistle is a very useful material for cooking Food. They glow with a light ghostly blue and are easily spotted during the night, but they can also be found during the day. You should not pass up the opportunity to gather Thistle and you’ll be thankful to have a large supply later in the game.

Carrot Seeds

Carrots grow bunches of little white flowers and will look like aesthetic flora until you get closer. You can pick these plants and get Carrot Seeds, but never carrots. They are uncommon and if you’re planning on making a farm, you should start stockpiling Carrot Seeds early.

Updated on March 13, 2021

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