Beehives are essential farm structures in Valheim. They are happy homes for your bees and will produce honey for your meads. You should make a bunch of beehives and collect Queen Bees from wild beehives whenever possible (it will hurt a bit).

Mead is not optional at later stages of the game, such as the Bonemass fight, and you absolutely must produce honey.

Since hives have limited honey storage (4 honey), more beehives will allow you to store up more honey and produce more. We recommend at least 4 hives per person to try and supply your mead habit.

Can be TeleportedYes
Rate1 Honey / 20m
Used InFrost Resistance Mead,
Medium Healing Mead,
Medium Stamina Mead,
Minor Healing Mead,
Minor Stamina Mead,
Poison Resistance Mead,
Serpent Stew,
Tasty Mead

Making Sure “The Bees Are Happy”

Bees are easy to please in Valheim. If you have any bees that are unhappy, just give them some more space. This only seems to be an issue when you have multiple beehives sharing the same structure. It’s possible to pack happy bees very close together as long as they all sit on their own post, floor, or other structure.

Another reason the bees may be unhappy is if they are put in the wrong biome. Beehives can only be happy in the Meadows, Black Forest, and Plains.

If the bees are unhappy, they will stop producing honey.

I took a video of myself harvesting bees just for you.

Updated on October 18, 2021

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