Axes are the most versatile weapon type in Valheim. They are both a tool and a weapon, used for woodcutting and combat. There are also two-handed variants that can be crafted starting in the Iron Age.

One-handed (1H) variants can be used with a Shield. This was the most popular combination during the Viking era of history. The 1H axe and shield combo offers a strong balance of offensive and defensive capabilities.

Type of DamageSlash

Axes Attacks

Axes have a 3-attack combo but do not have a special attack.

Table of Axes

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IconNameDamageCrafting StationCrafting Recipe
Stone AxeSlash: 15Player Menu5 Wood,
4 Stone
Flint AxeSlash: 20Workbench6 Flint,
4 Wood
Bronze AxeSlash: 35Forge8 Bronze,
2 Leather Scraps,
4 Wood
Iron AxeSlash: 55Forge: L220 Iron,
2 Leather scraps,
4 Wood
Battleaxe (2H)Slash: 75Forge: L230 Ancient Bark,
35 Iron,
4 Leather Scraps
Blackmetal AxeSlash: 95Forge: L420 Black Metal,
6 Fine Wood,
5 Linen Thread

Axes Skill

Axes is a skill in Valheim which improves your character’s effectiveness when using weapons in the axe family. Improving the axes skill will make you deal more damage with axes. Click to learn more about Skills.

Updated on March 13, 2021

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