Arrows are a Bow’s best friend. In Valheim, they come in many forms that deal different types of damage. Keeping a supply of upgraded arrows will draw on your resources pretty heavily and a dedicated archer is also going to need to be a skilled woodcutter.

Arrows are useless without a Bow.

Table of All Arrows

This table shows every arrow in Valheim. More information about each arrow and their recipes are available on each individual page.

IconNameDamageType of DamageKnockbackRecipe
Wood Arrows14Pierce: 14108 Wood
Fire Arrows33Pierce: 11,
Fire: 22
102 Feathers,
8 Resin,
8 Wood
Flinthead Arrows27Pierce: 27102 Feathers,
2 Flint,
Bronzehead Arrows32Pierce: 3210Bronze,
2 Feathers,
Ironhead Arrows42Pierce: 42102 Feathers,
1 Iron,
8 Wood
Obsidian Arrows52Pierce: 52104 Obsidian,
2 Feathers,
Silver Arrows72Pierce: 52,
Spirit: 20
102 Feathers,
1 Silver,
Poison Arrows78Pierce: 26,
Poison: 52
102 Feathers,
4 Obsidian,
2 Ooze,
Frost Arrows78Pierce: 26
Frost: 52
102 Feathers,
1 Freeze Gland,
4 Obsidian,
Needle Arrows62Pierce: 62152 Feathers,
4 Needle

Basic Arrows

Basic arrows deal physical damage and are available in the greatest variety in Valheim. You will use these from the beginning of the game straight through to the end. We recommend using basic arrows instead of elemental arrows for your daily carry because they don’t run into weaknesses.

These are all the basic arrows that deal physical damage:

Elemental Arrows

Elemental arrows deal a small amount of physical damage and primarily inflict elemental damage. You need to pay extra attention when using elemental arrows because there are enemies that will be resistant to the elemental damage. Fire is especially problematic since enemies in water or rainfall will resist your fire damage.

These are all the arrows that deal elemental damage:

Metal Arrows

Throughout the mid-game you can craft metal arrows which are a resource-based subcategory of arrows in Valheim. They are relatively expensive since metal is needed for everything else in Valheim. Because of this, we generally recommend against making these arrows.

Here’s the list of all metal arrows:

Updated on March 14, 2021

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