Ancient Bark

Ancient Bark is an uncommon type of wood in Valheim. It comes from Ancient Trees in the Swamp and is used exclusively for crafting. You will need a Bronze Axe to fell ancient trees.

Don’t worry about stockpiling ancient bark because it’s only used in a few items and cannot be burned in a charcoal kiln. At some point, it will just become dead weight in your storage.

Dropped ByAncient Tree
Can be TeleportedYes
RequiresStone Axe
Used In (crafting)Ancient Bark Spear,
Draugr Fang,
Fang Spear,
Iron Sledge
Used In (building)Bonfire,

Ancient trees will also drop regular wood which is useful if you need to make an outpost in the swamp.

Updated on October 20, 2021

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